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Alpaca Products for Loom Assets

Working directly with the owners of this small family farm in Massachusetts, we are offering selected Alpaca products for Loom Assets (click here to learn about Loom, a very exciting development in the world of secure and anonymous electronic payments).

We are currently able to offer mens and womens "Survival" socks! These are 78% pure Alpaca (from Alpacas raised at Grass Hill Alpacas and other northeast U.S. Alpaca farms), 20% nylon and 2% lycra. They are hypo-allergenic, un-dyed and can be machine washed and dried.

These socks are incredible! If you enjoy wool socks, you'll love these. And if you don't enjoy wool socks because they are too itchy for you, then you'll love these socks! Alpaca isn't itchy like wool!

Below is the price for a pair of socks delivered to your door for each of these asset types, no extra fees for shipping within the U.S. (Contact me for shipping outside the U.S.). This price may fluctuate in the future depending on the current exchange rates.

Price: # - "Asset Type"
Price: 4 - "FY 2011 GSFS GLO"
Price: 163.6 - "FY 2011 GSFS SIL"
Price: 0.411 - "PC GoldGrams"
Price: 18 - "Capulin Coffee Units"
I also sell socks for Bitcoins.

Colors available are gray, brown, fawn, and dark gray/blackWe're temporarily sold out of dark gray/black. Womens fits sizes 7-10. Mens fits sizes 10-13 (L) or sizes 13-15 (XL) .

Click here to see a picture of each of the colors we sell.

The owners at Grass Hill Alpacas would like to thank you for your business and would like you to know that their farm utilizes ecologically sound farming practices and takes their responsibility for their animals seriously.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction or I'll refund your asset.

This offer is brought to you by David of Forster Soil Management.


If you are interested in this offer, please send an email to david @ .
For everyone's sake, please use PGP when emailing me. My PGP key can be found HERE.

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